About Us

At RAWR Magazine we believe in childhood, that magic place, with forever beginnings and never-ends, bottomless earth and limitless skies.


Daniela {Creative Director, in charge of Business Development} is a Brazilian tigress mother of three little boys, who loves the Finnish winter, throwing elaborate parties, her husband of ten years, and anything to do with Scandinavian fashion and design. daniela(@)rawr.fi

YC {Writer, in charge of PR} exchanged her daily routines of office gossips and business lunches for the companionship of a chubby cheeked baby girl. Problem-solving (her own problems and others’) is her favorite pastime; others include trying out new recipes, reading movie trivia, and rowing.  yc(@)rawr.fi

Herman {Art Director & Web Developer} cooks a killer cocoa-oatmeal for his three boys every night, and is the kind of involved dad that most moms dream of having for their children. In his other life, he is a graphic designer and teacher of photography. He is married to Daniela. herman(@)rawr.fi